100 Ohm NTC Thermistor
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100 Ohm NTC Thermistor

Part number: VUPN8383

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100 Ohm NTC Thermistor This Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor varies in resistance according to temperature. It is a simple way to measure air temperature or the temperature of an adjacent device or surface. The resistance is 100 Ohms at 30°C and decreases as temperature increases. It is extremely easy to interface to the analog input pins on an Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller (PIC, AVR, etc.), as well as an easy device to use in analog circuits.

Dimensions: 5.6mm x 3.5mm, with 27mm long leads. Specifications:
  • B Constant: 3200K
  • Resistance: 100 OHM
  • Temperature: -30°C to +125°C
  • Tolerance: ±10%

This is a must-have part for any hobbyist or young electronics enthusiast. Its great for classroom electronics demonstrations and science fairs. This is the sensor at the heart of electric fans, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.

QTY: 1 x 100 Ohm NTC Thermistor
Product condition: New