1-Conductor Mic Cable - Black

1-Conductor Mic Cable - Black

Part number: VUPN7757
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1-Conductor Mic Cable - Black

High-Quality Professional Grade Low-Noise microphone cable. This cable features a highly flexible design with a durable rubber jacket. Finely stranded center conductor protected by a plastic or foam insulator, wrapped in a stranded copper braid.

  • Center Conductor: 22AWG Stranded Copper
  • Shield/Braid: Stranded Copper Braid, approximately 22AWG
  • The outer diameter of the cable is: 0.25"

Also available in: Black, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue.

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  • This cable is sold by to foot - to purchase, please enter the quantity in feet.
  • Full rolls of 328 Feet (100 Meters) are available, please enter this quantity to receive a full roll.
Product condition: New