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1/4" Mono Right Angle Adapter

Part number: VUPN7887
manufacturer: Philmore
manufacturer part number: 528
Male - Female 1/4" Mono Right Angle Adapter
This 1/4" Mono right angle / 90° Adapter is great for tight-fit and low-clearance applications, such as behind a mixing board or audio component rack. The connector is nickel plated and the outer housing is formed from durable PVC rubber.

  • 2.15" Tall from the opening of the jack to the top of the plastic housing
  • 2.25" Deep from the tip of the 1/4" plug to the back of the connector housing.
  • .55" Diameter
Adapter Configuration:
  • 1/4" Male Mono Plug
  • 1/4" Female Mono Jack
  • 90° Design

QTY: 1 x 1/4" Mono Right Angle Adapter
Product condition: New