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1:4 Composite, S-Video + Audio Distribution Amplifier

This distribution amplifier gives you the ability to distribute low-noise, low-distortion signals four displays. These units can be daisy chained to increase the number of outputs. Well-engineered, Amplified, broadband circuitry eliminates signal loss and assures true one-to-one ratio, low noise, low distortion, unity gain audio and video distribution.

This device will boost and amplify the composite video and audio signals to drive signals over distance of up to 150 feet!
This is a great device for bars, restaurants, trade shows, etc.
This device has the following connections:
  • Input:
    • Composite Video (Yellow RCA)
    • Analog Stereo Audio Left (White RCA)
    • Analog Stereo Audio Right (Red RCA)
    • S-Video (4 Pin Mini-Din)
  • Outputs:
    • Composite Video (Yellow RCA) x 4
    • Analog Stereo Audio Left (White RCA) x4
    • Analog Stereo Audio Right (Red RCA) x4
    • S-Video (4 Pin Mini-Din) x4
QTY: 1 Composite Video Distribution Amplifier - Includes 12VDC Power Supply.

Product condition: New