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Heat Shrink Tourtorial

Written by Jeff on Monday, September 25, 2017.

As part of an Arduino project where I needed to interface a PS/2 optical mouse with an UNO R3. The creation of this adapter functions as a Heatshrink Tourtital.

First this is to curt off the USB end from the PS/2 to USB adapter cable and cut the Male-Male Rainbow Breadboard Jumper in half. Discard the USB end unless you have a use for it. Second Seperate 1 of the following colors from one half of the Male-Male Rainbow Breadboard Jumper Red, Black, Green & White. Set these aside.


Therd Slide a 1' peace of 1/16' Heat Shrink onto each section of wire. Set these aside again.

Fourth Slide a 1' peace of 3/8' Heat Shrink onto the PS/2 cable.

Fifth Remove the outer jacket from 1' of the cut off end of the PS/2 cable. This should expose the foil shiend, Green, White, Red, & Black wires. Tear off and disapose of the foil shiend.


Sixth Strip about 1/2' of insulation from each wire. At this point there should be 1/2' of bare wire at all ends.

Seventh This is where the fun starts. The whole purpose of this exersize is to marry BLS ends with a PS/2 connector. To accomplish that Twist the bare ends of each color wire together. Red to red, black to black, ecterita.

Eigth Once the wires are joined slide the 1/16' heatshrink section mentioned eariler over the wire join so that it is completly covered. Apply heat to each section with the heat gun.

Last slide the 3/8' heatshrink section mentioned eariler over the junction point. This will tidy up the whoole assembly.Apply heat to to the junction point with the heat gun.

Done and Done!

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